week twenty-six

half way there – yay!


Thatcher: and on the topic of birthdays, this is my boy’s last week as a two-year-old. he is growing up so so fast. the lucky devil had his birthday party this weekend, complete with performance from every toddler’s favourite musicians – rock’n’toddle, and a chuggington cake lovingly hand made by aunty ra-ra. toddler heaven!

Marlow: this week was a big week in our house – marlow turned to the big O-N-E! happy birthday baby girl xx. her christening and birthday party are next week, but we slipped in a little family dinner, complete with mini birthday cake for the birthday girl which she absolutely devoured (…and loved every minute of it).  her birthday cake was a sweet and salty layer cake for those of you playing at home.


week 26/ the 52 project


week twenty-five

Marlow: this girl is just loving music and is a little star at clapping her hands along to it. ps. how cute is she in her little cowboy vest…

Thatcher: more birthday parties this week and there is no way this boy would complain about that – especially if strawberry milk is on the menu. and yes, i do have a slight obsession with bowties; luckily for me, thatch plays along and even likes to pic which one he is going to wear to all his events.


week 25/ the 52 project

week nineteen


marlow: clearly the girl does not suffer fools (or brothers) well. it’s a little too early for this amount of attitude, surely?!?

thatcher: in the latest instalment of the arnold family’s parklife adventures, we have discovered our new favourite park – john oldham reserve in the middle of the city. this park, complete with giant slide is literally hidden in  little oasis between the the freeway and equally busy city streets. who would’ve thunk it. i really love perth sometimes…


week 19/the 52 project

feeling just a little bit lucky…

… and a lot old!

when i was twelve years old, my world revolved around the backstreet boys and i was convinced i was going to one day be, mrs nick. carter (insert lovey-eyes here). flash-forward seventeen years and not only have my backstreet boys cds been left unplayed for the better part of a decade and a half, but i can’t even remember all of the bsb’s names – some fan i am.

anyway, when it was announced the backstreet boys were coming to perth to perform my girlfriends and i (all of whom incidentally were once equally convinced that they too would marry nick carter) just had to go and relive our innocent youth. my mum always told me that if i couldn’t say anything night i shouldn’t say anything at all, so i’ll keep my comments on the actual concert short. firstly boys, no-one bought tickets to your concert to hear your new music. sorry, but we were all there to bring backstreet back and i wanted it that way (ha ha, see what i did there…); and secondly, no matter how hot you all were twenty years ago, now that we are all grown-up, there was something intensely awkward about watching 45-year-old men stand up on stage and shimmy their hips like they used to in the old days. let’s just say that by the end of the night my cheeks were aching from all the laughing.

but before our night of awkward, middle-aged shimmying, the girls and i hit up the new kid on the northbridge block – lucky chan’s laundry and noodle bar. i. love. this. place. the cocktails? amazing. the food? to die for. the atmosphere? so much fun. and to top it all off, on our way out we discovered there is a rooftop bar upstairs. we will so totally be back soon. any place that is hidden away behind the facade of an old laundry shop and sells gorgeous, crispy, glutenous, juicy pork belly and oriental cocktails holds a very important place in my heart (and, more importantly, in my stomach).


^^the sneaky little laundry facade^^


^^complete with waving kitty cats^^


^^why yes, little piggy, i think i will partake in one of your glorious beverages or two or four…^^


^^funky little personalised fortune cookies. an sweet little touch to finish off a great meal^^

week eleven

thatchy’s beautiful godmummy, iman, was over here from sydney this weekend and we were fortunate enough to spend a glorious morning with her drinking coffee and eating muffins from the excelsior deli on the shores of beautiful lake jualbup in shenton park. sorry, no pics – they looked so good i couldn’t wait to eat them…

we miss you miss iman and had so much fun catching up. come back and see us again soon xx

DSC_0652 DSC_0709

thatcher: as godmummy would say – ‘like a boss’ (ps. also noticed he is really loving that skateboarding monkey t-shirt. oops. i promise he does own other clothes).

marlow: if you can’t wear a tutu and leopard print headband to see the godmummy, when can you wear one?

week 11 / the 52 project

week six

DSC_0464 DSC_0495

thatcher: ‘i can see the giants.’ like all of perth, we went into the city on saturday afternoon to watch the giants as part of the perth international arts festival. thatch was in absolute awe of them.

marlow: those big blue eyes. ps. look how good i am at sitting up all by myself; i’ve been slowly perfecting this skill over the last few weeks. crawling, watch out, i’m coming for you…

week six / the 52 project

fringe world 2015…


… bringing bangs back to the good people of perth (see what i did there? clever, huh?)

i love this time of year – the perth fringe festival. one month-ish of art, comedy, theatre, music and all things just a little bit different held at various venues throughout the city. walking around perth during the fringe festival there is so much life. there are people everywhere, music blearing out of speakers in strange places (yes, music is coming from that empty lecture theatre at 11pm. yes, there is a pop-up bar on that random rooftop) and it makes me excited to live in perth.

rod and i have spent the last two weekends partaking in this year’s fringe world offerings. firstly we saw cam knight’s hilarious comedy show ‘one hundred percenter’. i love a comedian who can think on his toes and takes everything the audience throws at him in his stride. in fact i think more of the show was improv about the audience than was actually his regular routine. gold.

but, by far the best fringe show EVER in my opinion was the genius that is ‘hot dub time machine’. this was basically a dance party held on the rooftop of a parking garage in perth city with the skyline as the backdrop. the music started in the 1950s and over the next 3 hours i was dragged, dancing and singing, through all of the hits of their time in chronological order. elvis? yes. the beatles? yes. the rolling stones? yes. whitney houston? yes. pearl jam? yes. spice girls? yes. backstreet boys? NO – don’t remind me of the despair that overcame me when the ’90s were over and backstreet had not come back. and on and on through all of the hits of today. it was amazing fun, such a workout and something i want to do every weekend.

actually, rod if you’re reading this (who am i kidding, you are the only person reading this and that is only because i make you), i may or may not be having a milestone birthday this year and if you love me you’ll throw me a hot dub time machine party!

so, if you’re around perth over the next week or so with nothing to do for an hour or two make sure you take in a show and enjoy the best of what perth has to offer.

(ps. i apologise for the quality of these photos. we were having way too much fun)


^^silent disco anyone? yes please^^IMG_3996IMG_3987